Work Things.

This is a picture of some books, legos, beer and a couple other things that you'll find in my office.
This is the Most Important Part of My Office

Work doesn’t define me
(But I definitely spend a lot of time doing it)

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This Sums Me Up Pretty Well

I have a passion for driving company growth through innovation and building and managing some of the best technology teams in the industry. I believe that diverse and passionate teams can bring new insight and new ways of thinking to any organization, regardless of its size.  

As a leader I work to keep teams focused without stifling creativity and help my teams cultivate ideas by guiding design sessions and helping them learn from both successes and failures.

Check Out A Few Career Highlights

  • Experience working with M&A, including integrating acquired companies into our systems and processes
  • Leading and supervising employees across multiple nationwide offices in support of global clients
  • Leader of innovation across the organization, including leading company-wide presentations and training sessions
  • Architect of multiple enterprise-wide applications
  • Speaker at multiple conferences
  • Tech Press Consultant
  • Lead double digit company and department growth year over year
  • Top Secret Security Clearance (now expired)
  • Oversaw development and design of multiple award winning experiences (awards from Ad Club, EX Awards, AdWeek, Event Marketer, Chief Marketer, and others) including the following:
    • Goose Island Website
    • Cabo Wabo Tequila Social
    • Marriott Interactive Travel Wall
    • Bud Light Cleveland Browns Victory Fridge
    • National Soccer Hall of Fame Website
    • Subway Sandwich Day Live Feed
    • Marriott Coachella Activation
    • Bud Light Hotel
    • Elysian Brewing Website
    • Bosch VR Experience