This is a picture of me and my wife. She's giving me a look that indicates that she kind of thinks I'm funny but doesn't want to admit it
Professional Headshot Coming Soon.

I Have A Pretty Cool Family

So the picture above shows a fairly standard moment in my life. My wife doing her best to put up with me while I do something goofy at a function where I probably shouldn’t be doing something goofy. I have two wonderful children and we all enjoy hanging out together, traveling and all the other stuff that families enjoy doing.

I Am an Amateur Farmer

At my house we have nice little vegetable garden, six chickens (follow them here: a little over 5,000 bees, a dog, a colony of mealworms (which the family isn’t a fan of) and very accommodating neighbors.

I Do My Best at Being An Artist

I firmly believe that being an artist doesn’t mean you have to paint or always look for the beauty in everything (although that is a pretty good idea) but being an artist simply means doing something creative. With that said, I do enjoy painting, programming (which yes, is definitely creative), building board and card games, and building random structures (like chicken coops or finishing basements) when needed.

I Enjoy Camping And Other Related Activities

There are lots of studies about spending time in nature and the positive impacts (Here is One and Here is Another) and if anything I’d say the benefits are understated. I work a lot, and having a couple days a month where I don’t have cell service and can spend quality time with friends and family is important. That doesn’t even take into account the simple joys of just being out in nature. Anyway, whatever it is – camping, cycling, hiking, sitting outside and doing nothing – I’m a fan.

I Build & Lead Innovative Technology Teams

You can find more about this on this page but if you’re looking for the TLDR: I have over 20 years experience across a number of industries in the technology space. I’ve been a developer, I’m currently a leader and I’m always looking for the best way to help the people around me succeed