Bring Your Niece to Work Day?

This is a picture of me and my niece.  She took it and she stole my phone.
We’re just as cool as we look.

At the time, it sounded like a good idea..

So when your niece calls you and wants to sit with you at work for a day, you should obviously say yes… Right? Well, I suppose that depends if you want to spend your time feeling old and out of touch while simultaneously seeing a whole lot of eye rolls

And it probably was..

If nothing else, bringing someone into an office that doesn’t spend their entire life in an office gives you a little perspective.

“Why are you in so many meetings?”
“Why don’t any of you know the Kermit meme?”
“Why don’t you have more good candy?”

All good questions – all enforcing the point that we spend a whole lot of time around the same people every day and we may be stuck in a bit of a rut because of it.

I believe it’s always good to bring new people into your office, onto your team or even into your life to get a little new perspective on how you operate. We get comfortable and very often, that makes us miss the little problems that have the potential to be big problems. We might be in too many meetings that aren’t useful or be too out of touch to know the latest trends and even be too lazy to be a better motivator.

So, Thank You Dannie…

First off, thanks for the free labor and organizational skills. In addition to that, I had a lot of fun, even if being around someone young and hip did make me feel a little older than I liked at times.

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