Camping, Glamping Or Something In Between?

This is a picture of our camper, it's pretty cool.
Yeah, I’d say we’re livin’ the good life.

Sometimes You Need To Get Away

For me, not much is better than sitting around a campfire and enjoying the evening. There are so many things to enjoy about being in nature (even if nature is sometimes around other campers) that enjoying it usually comes pretty easy. Of course it helps if you have a 30′ trailer that you can stay in, but even if you have to spend the evening in a tent, waking up early and hearing more birds than cell phone notifications is nice.

Sitting In The Quiet… Is Quiet

I enjoy learning about (and sometimes practicing) meditation, conscious breathing, living in the moment and being present. It’s hard to do those things when you’re distracted, and the number one cause of distraction is being around people/things. When you take away people and take away things, you can find that’s it’s a lot easier to focus on what’s happening around you.

When I hold meetings at work, people don’t bring laptops – they’re just another excuse to not be present. When you’re outside without a computer or without a phone, you truly are present and it can be amazing. The downside is that you have to deal with all your inner dialog, but the upside is that you can address it. If you’re feeling stressed about something, spending some time thinking through it usually tends to help me process how to let it go. Without external distractions, it’s pretty amazing to really process all the ideas that bounce through your head. You never know, there might even be a few good ones in there as well.

What If You Don’t Like Bugs?

While I prefer being outdoors, honestly – you can enjoy the quiet just about anywhere, you just have to try. At work, try to put your phone in airplane mode while you’re busy working on a task or turn off your computer next time you’re on a conference call.

I believe that we’re all a little too distracted right now, and because of that we have a lot of people in the world that rush from one issue to the next without ever really seeing how those issues can be solved. I recommend camping, but simply taking a little time and enjoying the quiet wherever you are will probably do the trick.

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