Dusting Off Those Programming Skills

A View from Blizzcon
Blizzcon. Posters. Starcraft.

public static void main(String[] args)

I have to admit – I miss programming. In fact – I tend to dust off the old IDE (Eclipse for those of you that were wondering) every couple months and build something. Sometimes it’s an application to test out one of my board game ideas and sometimes it’s to see if I can do anything exciting with the latest AI stuff from Google. Rarely though do I actually get to build something that we utilize at work, but recently due to my unique Java background I was able to help get build a giant poster printer.

ImagePrinter printer = new ImagePrinter();

At Fusion, we have a fantastic team of smart and talented developers that are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to solve problems. They live in the browser and love all of the Javascript frameworks that are available to us. However, when you’re trying to save an image from multiple kiosks and then print those images to multiple printers, what’s a development team to do? Well, in this case, dust off a little Java

log.debug(“Printer is ready, sending poster.”);

So, long story short – The team built front-end (really cool) poster creation software I built a little application that ran on a server (well, ok a desktop PC) and looked for images. When it found those images it rotated them, found the printer, printed the image and archived the image. After some rigorous testing (and jabs from the dev team about the antiquity of Java) we had an application that worked, printed a new poster every 40 seconds, and all-in-all was a huge win for the client. Yeah, not to brag or anything, but I still got it… Mostly…

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